After considering your circumstances and concluding that you are not ready yet, you may still wish to consider meeting us for a tour and complimentary lunch.  We can have you visit and add your name to our waitlist or our 'call me' list should a suite come available in the future.  You are never obligated to take the suite and can remain on the list indefinitely.  Receiving calls periodically from our staff when a suite that you prefer may be opening.  This is a good idea if you like Carrington Place but are just not ready yet.

Another idea to consider might be a trial stay.  Book a short stay for a few days to get a feel for the residence, staff, seniors and the services offered in a Carrington retirement lifestyle.  There is no obligation to stay longer than a few days and you will truly know what it would be like in our retirement home.

For more information or to book your own personal tour and complimentary lunch please contact Jeanine Lavallee at 905 648 0343 or via email at