Retirement living is about choices, and residents of Carrington Place enjoy a variety of choices every day regarding the menu.  Of course not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, so if the main entree at any meal does not appeal, an alternative entree is always available.  A weekly menu is posted next to the dining room, giving residents the opportunity to glance ahead and perhaps invite a guest for a particular meal.  Let our skilled cooks do all the work while you sit and visit with your guest!

Not all visits are planned though.....what if friends or family members drop in unannounced? Simply bring your guests down to the dining room at any time of day to enjoy a hot cup of premium coffee or a variety of herbal teas, with our compliments.

Afternoon tea is served with a selection of freshly baked cookies, squares and cakes for you to enjoy. Fruit juice, iced tea and lemonade are also available to be self-served between meal times.

In the interest of good health, our main meal of the day is served at noon, with a lighter meal served at 5pm.  Many have found this to be a better way to dine, as they have all afternoon to digest the larger meal, and often sleep more soundly in the evening.  For those who like a little snack before bedtime, our Dietary Aides prepare individual snack plates daily.  Residents are welcome to select a plate and bring it back to their room for the evening. Snacks consist of a variety of choices including: cheddar cheese & crackers; fresh cut fruit; vegetables & dip.  You may also choose from a basket of goodies such as peanuts, bits & bites, and homemade banana bread.

Perhaps your doctor or dietician has advised you to lose weight or simply reduce your salt intake. We would be happy to discuss this with you and help you make wise choices at mealtimes.

Whenever necessary, we create a therapeutic menu to suit the needs of any individual resident. Our Dietary Supervisor, Stephanie Hartman, is well educated regarding the various diseases / disorders / and ailments that are often experienced by seniors, such as:

Diabetes (type 1 and 2)


Celiac Disease



Rest assured that any dietary concerns you may have will be handled professionally, and the menu may be tailored accordingly to meet your individual needs!