Carrington Place retirement home has many different types of suites.  We have a suite to suit every taste. All of our suites include a private bathroom equipped with a handheld shower and full bath tub, sink and vanity, mirror, towel racks and grab bars.  Each bathroom has an emergency buzzer and non slip flooring.  The suite itself has a full double sliding closet smoke detector, sprinkler, and opening windows.  Each room has its own thermostat so that heat may be controlled solely by the resident.  Another emergency call bell is placed about halfway down the wall of the main room.  Draperies are provided by Carrington Place along with matching bedspread and sheets unless you prefer to use your own. 

A few of our suites also include kitchenettes, walk in showers, palladium windows, cathedral ceilings and ceiling fans. 

Please contact us for measurements and details on our various suites:





For more information or to book your own personal tour and complimentary dinner please contact Jeanine Lavallee at 905 648 0343 or via email at