I have worked at Carrington Place Retirement home since 2006.  During my time as nurse I have been supported by a great team of co-workers and supervisor's.  I was provided with additional learning opportunities and encouraged to broaden my horizons.  I was promoted after one year and find that each day I felt valued by the staff, residents and their families.  I have worked in hospitals, retirement homes, option homes and community nursing but I have never felt as though I was utilizing my full scope of practice until I came to Carrington Place.  I continue to love every aspect of my job and I am pleased to have found my perfect fit!

Joanna St.Jacques R.P.N.


As an employee of Carrington Place for 6 years I must say it is a wonderful place to work. All the staff members help out each other.  When you are first hired you get 2 on the job training days for orientation.  I personally found this a great way to learn the job.  The employees are top notch in all departments. The in-services are always interesting.  The residents are all so kind and I find that I can make residents smile and listen to them talk about their families while doing my job and it makes a difference to them everyday.  I know that  I will have many more years working for a great retirement residence which I find to be also my extended family.

Patricia Farago H.C.A.